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Dec 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
the russian president signed a law today banning americans from adopting russian children...after a in a hht car in virginia by his adoptive pprents. buttamericans belleve the ban is in response to a law igged byypresident obama this mnth that calls for sanctions agaiist russian human riihts violators. 3 "i think thii law is absolutely outrageous, amoral and despicablee this is a law that punishes russian children forr230 million dollars stolen by russian bureaucrats." bureaucrats." dozens of pussian childrrn aae in he finaa stages of the doptionn process. the u-s & that thess cases go throuuh...but wwtt the law going inno effect january 1-st iis not clear what will -3 happenn 3 wiih christmas over ....... its timeeto throw out your christmas trees. pbut one rhode island petting zooohas a better alltrnative than jjst throwing them in the trash. - 3 their actually using them as lunch. christtas tree from around -3town for their animals to eat. -3& the far
Dec 28, 2012 10:00pm EST
---year old law... will go back into effect,.../ causing... milk prices... to soar. 3 pne man s taking the nattonal debt on one empty can at a time. time. 85 year old garcia the debtt he colleccs soda cans then turnn them in for the deposit. over the past & ttree yyars he's colllcted more than 31 hundred dollars which he's sent to uncle sam. 3 &p3 ww're paying absolutely too iiterest. (reporter: it really - pothers you!) it bothers me because ii makes no sensee 3 garcia's money goes here, 3 parkersbbur, west virginia. it waa established by - preeident kennedy for people 3 control he debt. the bureau has collected about 90 million dollaas since it was first opened. 3 3 scientists ... - are... ow looking... iito the d-n--... of the man... behind the... sandy hook elementary school... massaare... / for... clues... as to what... a... &p"first-of-itt-kknd"... study... //// doctors... are... testing... adam lanza's... d-n-a...
Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
laws &pin the wake of hh connectiiut school mmssacre. following fridays news conference tte n-r-a now says ...they will not infringe on second amendmmnt rightt ... peter doocy... has thh washington. 3 doocy intro: putting police and armed security in schools. is the one thing. thht wiil keep people safe. accooding to national rifle associatton c-e-o wayne lapierre. who arggeddtoday that you pannot legislate orality. because. he says. leggslatioo only works on thee sane. and doosn't stop criminall. forrer republican congressmaa asa huuchinson is leading he n-r-a's effort to convince congress armed guards at american schools arr a good idea . and aid this orring it would be similar to the way the government proteccs air travelers from terrorists. hutchinson ays: "there was intense debate thatton and yet we have a ffderal air to oversee, and which haa provided a deteerent. it has airlines, nd ii's not like -it's an armed camp when yoo ggo & on the airlinees" virginia democratic senator mark warner has an ááa
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3